​Vrooman Designs Studio
Founded in Atlanta, GA in 1991, Vrooman Designs Studios was relocated to its present location in Asheville, NC in 2002. Known for unique and innovative use of metals, and tactile warmth of design, Vrooman Designs work can be found in museums, galleries, art exhibitions, and private collections throughout the country.
For more information on where Vrooman Designs work can be seen, please see Locations or call the studio at (828) 252-4776.


Nissa Vrooman. Wife, mother of my two sons, window into the female perspective and muse. The woman without whom I would be totally lost in the wilderness.

David Vrooman. Artist, designer, and goldsmith. President and grand poo-bahh of Vrooman Designs Studios, doer of things from building houses to washing dinner dishes (and yes, I do windows too).

Melisa Gomb. My right hand for over 10 years. Goldsmith extraordinaire, spreadsheet ninja, and general ace at all things computer related (our website for example. Nice, eh?)